Can load shedding damage my TV and other appliances?

Yes it can, When the power is turned back on, there is a possibility that it will do so with a temporary surge. This surge has the potential to cause damage to electronically controlled home equipment such as computers, television sets, video recorders, DVD players, and so on. The most critical step is to make sure that any expensive gear is switched off or disconnected before the power is restored. Power surges may easily cause damage to expensive hardware if it is still plugged in and turned on when the power is restored.

During load shedding, you have the option of turning off all of your appliances to protect them from being harmed in the case of an electrical surge. A surge protector for your electric mains board, as well as surge protector plug adaptors, may be purchased at the majority of the more reputable hardware stores.

See this article for measures to protect your appliances:

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