Does Sassa check your bank account?

The South African Social Security Agency, or SASSA, is a government agency in South Africa that helps eligible people and families with social services. SASSA has a variety of financial aid programmes, such as grants for basic needs, people with disabilities, and older people.

SASSA can look at a person’s or family’s bank account if they are applying for or getting money from the agency. This is to check the applicant’s finances and make sure they meet the requirements to be eligible for the particular grant or programme.

SASSA may also check the bank account of a person or family getting financial help on a regular basis to make sure they are still eligible and to make any needed changes to their payments.

It’s important to know that SASSA has to follow strict privacy laws and will only look at a person’s bank account information with their permission or when the law says they have to. If you’re worried about SASSA getting access to your bank account information, you might want to talk to an SASSA representative or talk to a lawyer.

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