Does The SRD Grant Affect Nsfas?

The simple answer is No, students from low-income households in South Africa may get support via the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) so that they can continue their education at one of the country’s public universities or colleges and earn a tertiary degree. The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award, in the amount of R350, is given to persons who are jobless and have no other source of income.

Many people who are economically disadvantaged and who apply for Nsfas may already be recipients of this grant. If, on the other hand, you are a recipient of the R350 grant and you also want to apply for Nsfas, you should be aware that if your Nsfas application is successful, you will no longer be eligible for the R350 award. This is due to the fact that the R350 award is only intended for those who do not get any grants or UIF monies, and as Nsfas students are considered to be recipients of grants, they do not qualify for the R350 grant.

If they are already receiving payments from the SRD grant, grant recipients of the R350 amount are eligible to apply for a bursary through the Nsfas. If they are able to satisfy the requirements of the NSFAS, they will be accepted even if they are already recipients of a R350 grant. Once this occurs, however, they will no longer be eligible for the R350 grant, and once Sassa completes its monthly reviews, payments will be discontinued. When they check the status of their Sassa grant, the check will say “Nsfas registered,” and they will not be approved.

No individual can qualify for both the Nsfas funding and the R350 grant payments at the same time. Should you, however, be awarded any other grants from SASSA in addition to the R350 grant, you will immediately qualify for funding from Nsfas and become eligible for funding. When submitting an application for the NSFAS, it is essential to check the requirements to determine whether or not you would qualify for the program.

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