How do I access my confirmation on Ehomeaffairs?

How to use eHomeAffairs

Registering on eHomeAffairs requires “creating a profile” with a secure password.

• “Complete” your personal details.

• “Create” a password.

• “Answer” the security questions.

Capture the logon OTP (OneTimePin) received via SMS

Complete the application form

◦ The application form is for a Smart ID Card and/or Passport.

◦ You can “capture” and “submit an application form” for yourself or for a minor directly related to you, typically for a minor requiring a passport for travelling purposes.

◦ All fields highlighted in red are mandatory and must be “completed”.

Submit the completed application by selecting “Submit”

Upload required documents

• Required supporting documents will be listed.

• Please note that originals will be required to be presented at the branch or bank office.

Make the online payment

• “Capture” your banking details.

• Please note that submitting a payment on eHomeAffairs is only an instruction to your bank.

• In order to complete the payments process you need to log on to your internet banking to “authorise the payment”.

• A payment authorisation process guide can be requested from your bank.

• Once the payment has been authorised, please note that the bank payment verification process must take place, which may take a few minutes.

Make a booking at a Home Affairs enabled Bank Office

◦ Please note that digital biometrics can be captured at any Home Affairs office or at a Home Affairs enabled Bank office, for which a booking is a prerequisite.

◦ You do not need to make a booking to provide your biometrics at any of the Home Affairs offices.

Print your Confirmation Letter

◦ The barcoded confirmation Letter as well as your ID Book (if available) must to be “taken with when going to the branch or bank office”. After clicking on Download Confirmation, save the document to your PC and open with PDF.

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