How long does it take for Sassa child grant to be approved?

After you have finished filling out and submitting the necessary SASSA child grant documents, the approval process for a Child Support Grant application will take three months to complete. When applying for the SASSA Child Grant, it is crucial to ensure that your application is accepted by supplying all of the necessary information as well as the papers that support it. Doing so will ensure that your application is processed successfully.

How Do I Know My SASSA Child Support Grant Is Approved?

When your application for the SASSA child support grant is approved, the South African Social Security Agency will send you a notification informing you that you are eligible to receive the grant (SASSA). The next step is for you to take the receipt that was provided to you when you applied for the Child Grant and head back to the office where you initially registered for the grant. The receipts serve as proof that you are truly the person who applied for the child support grant and for the child in the issue. They also serve as proof that you are entitled to receive the grant.

You can also use the SASSA’s online platform to check your progress, read more about applying for the child support grant here:

How Much Will I Get For SASSA Child Support Grant?

Each child receives a monthly Child Support Grant from SASSA in the amount of R480. The Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, has declared that an increase to the Child Support Grant, also known as the CSG Top-up, will be implemented in order to ameliorate the living conditions of orphaned children across the nation. Caregivers of orphaned children are entitled to apply for the CSG Top-up, which means they will get R480 plus an extra R240 per month for each kid they care for, increasing the total amount of monthly support received to R720.

You may use the following contact details to make personal inquiries about SASSA Grants.

SASSA Toll-Free: 0800 60 10 11


for more info on sassa:

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