How much it costs to build in South Africa?

The cost of building a house is often given in Rands per square meter of floor space. The higher the total cost, the larger the floor space. Aside from size, location, design, project management, and construction type and quality all impact building costs. The average cost of a building is R8000 per square metre, or between R7000 and R9000 per square metre.

Cost of building a house per province in South Africa

ProvinceCost of building a house in Rand’s per m2Notes
LimpopoR5,270Cheapest per m2
Northern CapeR6,910
Kwazulu NatalR9,610Most expensive per m2
Western CapeR7,020
Free StateR6,660
North WestR5,060
Eastern CapeR6,270
cost to build a house in South Africa per m2 per province

Factors that affect the price

The pricing differences across provinces are impacted by a variety of factors including:

  • The number of local suppliers that can supply bricks, cement etc.
  • The provincial cost of the material, if material need to be imported then it is highly likely that suppliers will charge more to cover the cost of importing the material.
  • The price of labor is a huge factor as well.

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