Where do I report corruption in Home Affairs South Africa?

Should you suspect any corruption at the department of home affairs, contact the Counter Corruption and Security Services branch.

Counter Corruption & Security

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Responsibility of the Counter Corruption and Security Services Branch

  • To investigate alleged corruption and fraud which involves DHA officials.
  • To encourage all DHA employees, its stakeholders and members of the public to strive for the prevention, detection and reporting of fraud or corruption that has a potential to have an impact on the department.
  • To enforce physical security and access control and the safe guarding of DHA assets, employees and clients.

Where to report fraud and corruption

  • Ask for any office manager in a Home Affairs office; or
  • Send an email to report.corruption@dha.gov.za; or
  • Call National Anti-Corruption Hotline at 0800 701 701

Information to provide when reporting fraud or corruption

  • Place or office where the incident took place.
  • The date and time of the incident.
  • The name(s) of DHA official involved.
  • Name of other people involved.
  • Any proof or information that can assist with the investigation.

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