Sassa on track to pay January 2023 grants

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has announced that it is on track to disburse social grant payments for January 2023 on the 3rd of January. The grants for older persons will be paid first, followed by the grants for people with disabilities on the 4th of January, and the grants for child support on the 5th of January.

Customers of SASSA have been strongly encouraged to access their funds through a variety of channels, such as stores and ATMs, and to maintain the usage of their SASSA gold card at locations that are able to process transactions using bank cards.

The organization has also cautioned those who are eligible to receive grants to be on the lookout for deceptive information and con artists on the days when grants are paid out, and to access their grants with extreme caution.

This includes avoiding carrying around large amounts of cash and giving priority in lines to senior citizens and people who have disabilities. In addition, applicants for the COVID Social Relief of Distress Grant of R350 have been encouraged by SASSA to review and make any necessary updates to their banking information on the online platform.

Sassa is going to keep an eye on the payments that are made in January to make sure that the proper grants are given to the right people at the right time and in the right location.

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