Sassa Post office issues have been resolved

A malfunction that affected all of the state’s computer systems made it difficult to make over-the-counter withdrawals at South African Post Office (Sapo) outlets. Beneficiaries of social grants who make use of the Sassa gold card were given the instruction to collect their funds from shops and ATMs the previous week as a direct consequence of the aforementioned situation.

Postbank has sent its condolences to each and every recipient of an SSA grant on its roster for the inconvenience caused by technical difficulties. The bank has said that it understands how important the grant payments are to the lives of a large number of people in South Africa, which is why it has extended its apologies to those individuals.

This is because a number of Post Office facilities are experiencing technical issues with their own computer systems, which has led to this situation. As a direct consequence of this issue, all Postbank customers who want to make over-the-counter payments or deposits, or withdraw money from their SSA grants, were unable to do so.

Postbank sent a statement to the media on Saturday afternoon claiming that all of the issues that had been happening with the SASSA grant payment system had been resolved. The announcement came shortly after the bank had announced that the issues had been repaired (5 November 2022).

According to a representative for Postbank called Dr. Bongani Diako, the issues that were occurring with the system have been resolved. Since that time, stability has returned to Postbank, and customers have reported being able to use Postbank’s ATMs and retail locations without issue.

“System faults that had an impact on payments have been addressed, and as a consequence, users of the SASSA social grant who use the SASSA gold card may now be able to get their grant cash from ATMs and retailers across the nation,” according to the announcement.

According to Postbank, the vast majority of the more than 7 million people who receive social grants and use the Sassa gold cards that are provided by Postbank in order to withdraw their social grants do so via automated teller machines and stores. Moreover, Postbank reports that the vast majority of these individuals access their social grants online.

“Those who are awarded Sassa grants are eligible to apply for Sassa gold cards, which may be used to make purchases at any store or restaurant that acknowledges major credit cards. This is feasible as a result of the fact that the Sassa gold card functions entirely inside the national payment system in the same manner that any other bank card would.”

Because of this, the people who were awarded grants were given the instruction to withdraw their money from automated teller machines (ATMs) as well as retail stores including Shoprite, Checkers, Pick & Pay, and Usave.

Postbank has indicated that it would be monitoring the functioning of the system inside Post Office branches and will advise beneficiaries of any new developments about the status of their accounts.

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