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Navigating South Africa is an information site that seeks to help readers understand the sometimes complex information in South African websites and media outlets.

As a fledgling publishing company in South Africa, our goal is to provide all South Africans with the knowledge they need to make use of all available resources.

This website does not aim to post opinion pieces, but rather to source and summarize relevant information so that consumers can discover all of the value they require.

Our Writers

Our writers are experienced professionals that take the time to thoroughly research all the content on this blog. We pride ourselves on making sure all our content is accurate and simple to understand for all our readers. We also reference all our sources within the articles, so you can find the information you need at the source as well.

Our writers hold Bachelors degrees from the top South African universities in various fields. This includes engineering degrees, accounting and bachelors or arts degrees.

We ensure that the content is vetted by qualified professionals and we aim to site all our sources where relevant.

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