How do you qualify for the Road accident fund(RAF)?

The following people are eligible to file a claim with the road accident fund in South Africa:

  • A person who was injured in the accident (other than the driver who was the sole cause of the accident);
  • A breadwinner’s dependent who has died;
  • A deceased’s close relative who paid for the funeral; and
  • A claimant who is under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or curator ad litem.
  • For more information on submitting a claim, see the Claims procedure section.
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You cannot make a claim to the RAF if you:

  • You were the only cause of the accident since you were the driver and owner of the car.
  • You were the only person engaged in the accident for example if you drive your car into a tree of an obstruction on the road.

For more information, see

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