Why was my SASSA SRD Rejected?

The South African Social Security Agency, or SASSA, is actively processing payments for the R350 grant, so if your grant application has been declined, below is a table with some reasons why that might be:

SRD Decline ReasonMeaning
The client had funds flowing into his bank account of _ If a client wishes to more than the specific threshold for the given period: dispute the decision R595 for the period of August 2021 till March 2022; reached by ASSA, R350 for April 2022 to July 2022 and R624 for August the client has the right 2022 to March 2023 to lodge an appeal
existing_sassa_grantThe client was a recipient of a Social Grant for her/himself during the application period.
identity_verification_failedThe personal details provided at time of application with the Independent do not match the client details as received from the Tribunal via the Department of Home Affairs.
DebtorThe client was paid R350 in a month (or more) where the client did not qualify. This error was picked up and the money is now withheld to correct that error. Payments will resume if client still qualifies, once all outstanding R350’s were recovered.
The client is registered with UIF or received a payout during the period under consideration.
nsfas_registeredThe client was in receipt of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme during the specific period under consideration
age_outside_range(>60)The applicant does not qualify for the grant due to not meeting the age requirement of being below the age of 60 years during the period under consideration.
age_outside_range(>18)The applicant does not qualify for the grant due to not meeting the age requirement (of being above 18 years) during the period under consideration
Deceased Record on DHAThe client was registered as deceased on the Department of Home Affairs database during the period under consideration
Sourced from SASSA

How do I dispute the SASSA SRD outcome?

If you have reason to believe that SASSA has made an error in the process followed to decline your application, you can lodge an official appeal with the independent Tribunal at :

According to SASSA, the process to be followed is:

  • Check that the information you provided to SASSA is accurate and correct, as it appears on the SRD DSD Appeal Electronic Platform.
  • Update your contact information as needed by clicking on this link. This is crucial if your appeal is successful. If your appeal is successful, the Independent Tribunal will instruct SASSA to commence payment of the Covid-19 SRD directly to you and will require your current contact information.
  • After amending your information on the link above, if appropriate, click “Save,” and you will be routed to the SRD DSD Appeal page to finish filing your appeal.
  • Appellants or their representatives must indicate that they have read and approved the Declaration and Consent Documents.
  • Click “Submit” and look for the confirmation message on the website indicating your application was successfully submitted.
  • Please keep in mind that an appeal application must be submitted for each month in which your application is refused by SASSA if you disagree with the decision.

For more info visit:

Department of Social Development

Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA)

Private Bag x 901, Pretoria, 0001

Tel: 012 312 7727


Fax: 086 534 3124 or 086 216 371

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  1. Gabrie Matshidiso Polori

    I do not work someone use me as i get paid so sassa took my R350 as i can not work cause i am dissable and now i am taking pills with empty stomach and there is a lot of who are in my name

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