NSFAS 2023- FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

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When Will 2023 NSFAS Applications Open?28 September 2022
Does NSFAS pay full tuition fees?Tuition fees will be covered by NSFAS for National Universities if you meet your academic requirements and pass the modules and coursework. The standard cost of a university residence will be covered. It does not include private accommodation.
Does NSFAS pay you back your registration fee?All NSFAS-funded students who pay the minimum registration fee to activate their registration will have their registration fees refunded. A refund will be issued only after NSFAS confirms that the registration was successfully processed.
How much is NSFAS allowance per month?As of 2022:

University students will receive the following funding:

Accommodation – the amount charged by the university (or the equivalent amount for private accommodation)
Transport of no more than R7 500 per year
Living allowance of no more than R15 000 per year
Book allowance of no more than R5 200 per year
Incidental/ personal care allowance of no more than R2 900 per year (if residing in catered residence)

TVET students will receive the following funding:

Accommodation of no more than R24 000 per year in an urban area/ no more than R18 900 per year in a peri-urban area/ no more than R15 750 per year in a rural area
Transport of no more than R7 350 per year
Incidental/ personal care allowance of no more than R2 900 per year
How do you know NSFAS has paid your fees?

You can check the status of your NSFAS application on myNSFAS by:
Log in to the student portal myNSFAS.
After providing your username and password, click SIGN-IN.
Press the Track Funding Progress button.
How do you know if NSFAS money is reflecting?To view the cash balance (and transactions) in your NSFAS Wallet:
Using a personal phone

Enter the shortcode *134*176#.
Put your password in.
Select option 2
view your cash balance and transactions.

To check online

Go to: https://celbux.appspot.com
Log into your account by typing in your cellphone number and password.
Click the “Login” button.
In your account, click “More”.
Then, click “Transactions”.
Now, you can view your wallet balance.
How long does NSFAS fund a student?​​If you qualify for funding according to the set NSFAS requirements, NSFAS will only support you for a maximum of five years, based on the availability of funding each year.
When can I expect my NSFAS money?Your allowance will be paid in the first week of every month
What makes NSFAS application unsuccessful?Your NSFAS application may be rejected if you do not meet the funding requirements. The requirement could be that your combined household income exceeds the amount required by NSFAS. You are receiving other forms of social assistance, or you do not meet any of the NSFAS minimum requirements.
What documents do you need when applying for NSFAS?
 Certified copy of your ID, not older than 3 months A signed and completed consent form. If you are dependent on your parents/guardian/spouse, please provide: Certified ID copies of parent/s, guardian, spouse not older than 3 months Proof of income of parent, guardian or spouse (payslip or appointment letter If you are self-sufficient (no parent/guardian support) please provide: Proof of income (payslip or appointment letter). If you have a disability, please provide: Completed and signed Annexure A (if your information is not pre-populated on the portal). If you are an orphan, please provide: Completed and signed Declaration Form, Other documents required, if applicable: Retrenchment letter / UIF documentation; Death certificate/s; Divorce decree.
Does NSFAS require certified documents?Yes, see: https://www.nsfas.org.za/content/faqs.html
Can you have a bursary and NSFAS?Students receiving a full NSFAS bursary may not receive another full cost of study bursary at the same time. If a student receives a partial bursary from another source, an NSFAS bursary may be awarded; however, the allocations must be reduced in order for the student to be fully supported for their studies. NSFAS may refuse to pay for amounts already paid for by another funder. The Institution must return any excess funding to NSFAS. A student may not receive more funding than is permitted by the DHET National Rules and Guidelines.
Can I apply for NSFAS before applying at a university?If you are approved for NSFAS funding, you must first meet the academic admission requirements of the university or TVET college before NSFAS will provide you with any funds. 

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