South Africa Visa Fees

The following fees shall be payable in terms of section 7(1)(i) of the Immigration Act in respect of the applications specified:

ApplicationSection of ACTTariff (South African ZAR)
Certificate to enter or depart from the Republic at a place other than a Port of Entry9(3)(c)(i) R425
Visitor’s Visa10A(3) R425
Transit Visa10B(2) R425
Renewal of Visitor’s Permit11(1) R425
Study Permit13(1) R425
Treaty Permit14 R425
Business Permit15 R1520
Medical Treatment Permit17 R425
Relative’s Permit for immediate family member other than spouse or minor child18 R425
Work Permit19 R1520
Retired person Permit20 R425
Corporate Permit 21 R1520
Exchange Permit22 R425
Permanent Residence Permit excluding applications by persons contemplated in sections 25(b) and (c) and 27(d) of the ACT25 R1520
Certificate of Confirmation of Permanent Residence28(c) R100
Processing fee for application for registration as an Immigration Practitioner46(2) R3000

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