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What happens if you don’t collect your SASSA money?

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) released a statement noting that the social grants allocated to the beneficiary will lapse(be returned to the state) if the beneficiary fails to claim for a period of (3)three consecutive months.

The beneficiary will be informed in the form of a letter before the grant lapses.

What happens if my SASSA grant lapses?

Sassa grant lapse

Beneficiaries have 90 days from the date of lapsing to submit an application for restoration. The social grant may be considered unclaimed and will expire if a beneficiary does not apply for its restoration within 90 days of its suspension. At that point, the beneficiary will need to submit a new application.

How do I reinstate my SASSA grant?

To request the reinstatement of a social grant, the application must include the reason for failing to react to the intention to suspend sent prior to the grant’s expiration. The beneficiary must also complete the administrative process that determines how they managed their finances during the suspension.

The application for reinstatement must be accompanied by a letter from SASSA stating the cause for the decision suspension or grant lapse.

What happens to uncollected SRD grants?

Grants which were not collected by the cutoff date are forfeited and given to the National Treasury to fund other government initiatives and priorities.

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