At what age does the SASSA child support grant stop?

The child support grant stops when the child turns the age of 18.

SASSA mentioned in an official speech that, beneficiaries should be reminded that child support grant expires when the child reaches the age of 18.

Recipients have complained when the grant suddenly stopped in the past.

Why did SASSA stop my child grant?

Can SASSA cancel child grant?

Beneficiaries should be aware that the child support grant may be terminated if

  • If the child has died,
  • If the child is no longer in the custody of the caregiver,
  • If the caregiver fails to claim the child support grant for three consecutive months,
  • If the child’s living conditions improve and rise above the threshold.
  • If there is disagreement on who the child’s actual primary caregiver is.
  • If you don’t comply when the child’s grant is being reviewed.
  • If you have committed fraud or misrepresented information, you will be prosecuted.
  • If the child has been placed in a state facility ie prison.
  • If the child has left the country.
  • If the child becomes 18 years old (this will only happen at the end of the month in which their birthday falls)

The Social Assistance Act requires beneficiaries to notify any changes in living standards in order for the grant to be assessed quickly.

Social grant beneficiaries should be informed that the child support grant is intended to assist parents in meeting their children’s basic needs. The child support award is not designed to provide a luxurious lifestyle or to replace other sources of income, but rather to bridge the gap in the cost of living and to care for the children.

Nobody is permitted to receive a child support award for more than six children who are neither biological or legally adopted.

SASSA would want to encourage communities to report any beneficiaries who are abusing the child support grant to the nearest local office.

More information is available by calling the SASSA toll-free line at 0800 60 10 11 between the hours of 08:00 and 16:00.

How do I appeal with Sassa?

If you disagree, you have 90 days from the date of notification to file an appeal with the Appeals Tribunal.

Appeals after 90 days are only possible in extraordinary situations.

Visit the SASSA website for more information

see this article for more information on sassa:

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