Can you leave money on your SASSA card?

Yes, you can leave your money on your Sassa-issued card. The SASSA gold cards function similarly to any other commercially verified card certified by the South African Reserve Bank; SASSA has urged beneficiaries to remain confident that their money is secure, with all required safeguards in place to keep all of their money in their accounts.

The remaining funds in your card will be kept safe. Social grant payment payments can be taken on any day of the month, depending on the needs of the beneficiary.

Beneficiaries are reminded that they can withdraw money from ATMs, retail outlets, or any supermarket of their choice using their SASSA gold cards. Those receiving grants at pay-points should generate a PIN before collecting their funds. Beneficiaries will be able to use their SASSA card to withdraw money from ATMs and stores using their newly established pin.

SASSA is urging that recipients avoid visiting to high-risk crime areas during the first few days of the month. Scammers and thugs prey on vulnerable people with disabilities and the elderly at the beginning of the month. It is best to do your shopping or withdraw your money in the middle of the month.

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