Why is my Sassa srd 350 approved but no payday?

In accordance with the recommendation provided by Sassa, the recipients of the grant should check it on a daily basis.

If your Sassa grant has been approved but Sassa has not paid it out or there has been no date given, then you need to verify your bank details to see if it is incorrect or correct. You are also responsible for ensuring that the information Sassa has received matches up with your own personal information. In addition to this, Sassa declared that:

“If your SSA grant is accepted, but there is no pay date published, this signifies that pay has not been processed as of yet, but it will be shortly processed,”

The sources from SASSA say that they are attempting to find a solution to this issue using the resources that they now have available since they are well aware of this situation. Therefore, recipients of the Sassa COVID-19 R350 award are advised to maintain their calm and wait for payment, since there is currently No established date for the payment. Simply keeping an eye on Sassa’s profile will keep you informed of any new announcements made by Sassa.

Reasons why you might not have a sassa srd pay date after approval

If your Sassa grant is approved but you do not get an SMS or pay time from a Sassa official, there may be a number of circumstances contributing to this. Some of these considerations are as follows:

Sassa is having issues with the bank that they collaborate with. Those beneficiaries are most likely to have run into this issue if they are receiving their payments from Sassa using an e-wallet or if they have recently switched from receiving their payments through the post office to using an e-wallet.

When you switch from one mode of payment to another, you run the risk of experiencing this issue as well.

The process of making a payment might also be held up if incorrect information is provided. Therefore, you should make it a habit to double-check that the name of your bank account and the account number that you supply on identification papers are right.

Because they must assist thousands of consumers each and every day, the Sassa hotline is always flooded with callers.

All of the applicants whose applications are granted would be paid, despite the fact that their pay dates have not been published. This was a promise made by Sassa, who said that they were required to collaborate with the beneficiaries in order to solve their concerns.

It is your responsibility, in addition to Sassa’s, to avoid making mistakes when applying and to avoid adopting the factors that are contributing to this problem. Some of these contributing factors are mentioned above. Sassa understands that waiting can be extremely difficult and frustrating for applicants, particularly when the applicant is unemployed. Sassa works diligently to process payments for beneficiaries. If you have any questions or concerns about the award, you may always call the toll-free hotline number provided by Sassa, which is “0800 601 011.” If you need any assistance with the grant.

for more information, visit https://www.sassa.gov.za/

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